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Brexit and UK property: here’s what you need to know

With Theresa May having triggered Article 50, Britain is on course to leave the European Union within two years.

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Why some investors buy property through a Limited Company

For many investors, purchasing a first buy-to-let property is often the beginning of a series of property purchases...

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Can Mini Bonds bolster your property portfolio?

In the search for investments to strengthen portfolios, investors may come across Mini Bonds based on property...

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How to manage the pain of a hefty property deposit

One of the biggest barriers to entry to property ownership is the deposit required to secure a mortgage.

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Five Simple Secrets for a Blissful Retirement

The mere mention of retirement conjures up images of contented walks in forests, sun loungers by the pool, days...

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What makes Birmingham property a good investment?

Birmingham is one of the best hotspots for property investment within the UK at present.

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