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What kind of property does £100k buy you around the world?

Spending power for property varies greatly around the world. In fact, it’s remarkable just how much - or how little...

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This simple strategy will explode your portfolio

We often hear of compounding interest rates and the power of these in conventional investments: over a few decades,...

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Innovative Ways to Invest in Property

As investors reach their end goal – usually retirement – there is a very real need to make sure that the portfolio...

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These people will never retire (could you be one of them?)

Retirement lies ahead for all of us: that time of our life to rest, relax, and take stock. And hopefully to enjoy...

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4 truly awful financial investments

As much as we often write about excellent places to put money, there is no shortage of terrible, toxic ones where...

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APW Investor Profile Series: the Expatriate Couple in Hong Kong

Every so often, we look at real-life case studies of APW Prosperity investors, to understand how a range of property...

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