APW Investor Profile Series: the expatriate in the Middle East

Continuing our series which looks at how individual investors have used property investment in their own...

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APW Investor Profile Series: the Expatriate Couple in Hong Kong

Every so often, we look at real-life case studies of APW Prosperity investors, to understand how a range of property...

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Trains, Planes – and Increased Property Equity

One of the messages we often communicate in our dealings with clients is the need to look for property investment in...

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How you can (and why you should) buy UK property for investment

I meet many individuals every month, working overseas in a range of expatriate destinations. APW has a presence in...

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Stamp Duty and Tax: what expat investors need to know

Buying a property is a daunting and sometimes confusing area, and an issue that is right at the top of the expat...

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Real Life People: An Investor Case Study

In our work with expat investors around the world, we encounter many individual situations where property investment...

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Why should you buy property in Birmingham?

An investment success story

Birmingham, heart of the West Midlands, is the powerhouse of the industrial north of...

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Our Partners Prosperity Wealth - How did Prosperity Wealth come about?

Meet the man who founded it, Joe Billingham

Prosperity Wealth’s founder, Joe Billingham, has a long career in...

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